My work didn’t participate 2 months ago in The Great Southern California Shakeout, but I wish they would have. In anticipation of “Big One” that’s supposedly “overdue” here in California, Alicia and I put together an emergency kit with food and supplies, just in case. So below is a piece that promoted that statewide drill. It was developed by up and coming motion graphics designer Theo Alexopoulos. I’m really digging these types of video essays which are using amazing graphic design & animation to convey information in informative and visually stunning ways. 

For high-res click here.

Stay tuned I have a few more video essays to post.


Minimalist, modernist, grid and typographic lovin Aisle One dropped a new resource The site contains links to articles, tools, books, templates and a bunch of other sweet stuff. Simply put it’s a great resource site on all things grid system related. I have several grid books and I can personally say that this is a site worth bookmarking. On that note I’ll leave you with a quote:

The grid system is an aid, not a guarantee. It permits a number of possible uses and each designer can look for a solution appropriate to his personal style. But one must learn how to use the grid; it is an art that requires practice.

The big news today is that Coldplay is being sued by Joe Satriani for using some original riffs in the Viva La Vida song. Satriani is seeking some pretty hefty damages by demanding “any and all profits” for the plagiarism. This is not the first time Coldplay has been accused of stealing music, one example can here found here. Is it safe to say that Coldplay fans are more likely to side with their favorite band or will they demand an explanation? I’ll let you decide, watch the video then let me know what you think.

UPDATE: Record label EMI has asked YouTube to pull the clip. There is a new one posted here, we’ll see how long this one stays up.

I was scanning through some of Kyle Poff’s work on flickr and wanted to share. He has some clever logos and nice packaging. 





…but probably don’t need:

Mid Century Shelving Unit– so cool, plus I have a lot of books

Bent Plywood Double Feeder– if we get a dog soon, I want this

Eagle vs. Shark DVD– funniest movie I watched all year

Wooden New York City in a Bag– I’m not too old to want this

12-month calendar– based on the design by Massimo Vignelli 

Wood Stapler– would be even cooler if it was in a darker wood

I’m a sucker for good well thought out type, especially when it’s letter pressed or 3D. So it’s no surprise that I would be fond of the work of Craig Ward of Hopefully one day I’ll be able to do some letter pressed stuff. As for 3D I’m slowly trying to learn Maxon Cinema 4D, hopefully I’ll have some 3D work to post soon.






viva-la-vida just came out with an article highlighting the top digital sales in music for 2008. Surprise surprise, Coldplay’s Viva La Vida was the number one downloaded album!! (Congrats guys, you totally deserve it). This album has far surpassed my exceptions. You see when Coldplay said a few years back that they were going to take a long break and their next album would be pretty different from their previous albums, I was a little skeptical. Because I didn’t want them to change one bit and lose their fans in the process. But I now know why they said that—because they needed to take a break, to learn, to grow and mature in their music. That re-enforces to me the fact that they have the mindset of a band that will be around a long time like a U2, Aerosmith, or Rolling Stones. So ultimately I have been thoroughly impressed by Viva La Vida. And seeing them LIVE in Las Vegas back in August was definitely a top highlight for this year, I would recommend to anyone to go see them in concert. Watching Chris Martin prance around the stage, and the guys give their all to create such an epic sound is well worth it (Alicia and I have been to 4 shows already and we are anxiously awaiting a 5th).

And just in case you haven’t already heard, last week they released Prospekt’s March EP, which I’ll admit at first I had to let it grow on me, but now it’s constantly on repeat mode in my iTunes, so def an A+. These are basically tracks that didn’t make the cut for Viva La Vida.

Lastly, my buddy Trever shared with me a link to download those Jay-Z/Coldplay remixes. It’s such an interesting project to merge these two types of completely different styles. They are literally just taking the raps of Jay-Z and meshing them with the Coldplay songs. I’m sure we are going to be seeing more of these types of mashups in the near future. You can learn more about the remixes and the two guys who created them here.


I saw these really cool photos of reflections and thought I would share. They are from a photographer named AmsterS@m. It’s awesome to see how the objects he captures react to the puddles. I’m really diggin the coloring…








Pretty much sums it up.

1. My Lord and Savior– for His grace and mercy that are new every morning.

2. My Wife– Who has stuck with me through thick and thin, and who truly is the love of my life, my perfect match and my best friend.

3. Family- For their love and support, and many the memories they give me.

4. My Job and Coworkers– The fact that I still have a job and enjoy the people who I work with. And I believe in our ministry and where are our leadership is taking us.

5. Our House– The Lord has blessed us with a house that we love and are so thankful for. 

6. My Accountability Group- Brad and Tim keep me accountable to reading God’s word everyday. Without them I bet I would still be flakey with my devotions.

7. An Amazing Church– That teaches the Word of God without all the fluff and compromising that abound in this day and age.

8. My iPhone– Whether I’m checking the weather, getting directions, surfing the web, or reading God’s word, it really does make my life easier.

Besides all my ramblings, I want this blog to serve as a place to post my work. So here is my first piece for the blog. My job for this was to take the existing artwork created for Revival’s Thanksgiving service and make a quick intro for it within a very tight deadline (one night). So I thought I could do a quick fly through with all the photos thrown around in 3D space and then have them come together at the end to match the printed handouts and posters Revival already created. *Note: they are adding the audio themselves.

Found these 2 cool photos from the designer, Serifcan Ozcan. They remind me to say goodbye to fall, and welcome winter. These next two days its suppose to rain here and I can’t wait. Ideally, I would love to live in Seattle, but Alicia isn’t so fond of the idea of living where is rains 2/3 out of the year, and plus we couldn’t stand being that far away from our families right now.



Serifcan also designed this rad visual chart of his personal fiances for one month. It looks super cool, I just wish it was bigger. I would love to do the same to ours one day, maybe when I have some more free time.



Apple seems to have brought Christmas in November for us iPhone users with a brand new update. The features I’m most excited about (and ranked in order):

– Podcasts are now available for download in iTunes application (no more having to plug in my iPhone just to download a Podcast, finally)

– Improved sound quality of visual voice-mail messages (bout time)

– Google Street View (fun)

– Improved stability and performance of Safari (yes, plz)

– Decrease in call set-up failures and call drops (uh, yeah, duh)

However, the major complaint everyone is still going to have is no “Copy & Paste”. Come on Apple whats the dealio. Also I would personally like to see native support for horizontal typing in the Mail and Text apps. If that bothers you as well, then to get you by in the mean time you can buy an app that lets you type horizontally in just the mail app. I bought TouchType a while back for $.99 and really like it. Since then I have stumbled onto EasyWriter which seems to pretty much do the same thing, but its free.


I don’t know what it is about deers and graphic designers but there’s some type of love for each other that neither can deny. That’s probably why I love these laser-cut Deer Trophy Puzzles, which would look awesome on my office wall (*hint *hint).




“Your character is more important than your reputation”

Your character is what God knows about you. Your reputation is what others know about you.

Some thoughts from a mesage given by Jack Graham today at the Preach the Word conference.