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Take the gorgeous RED Camera, mix in some helicopter footage shot during the “golden hour” and an epic professional movie trailer soundtrack and you got one sweet lookin snowboarding video. Learn more HERE.

Heard of the RED camera? If not then you are sure to hear more of it in the future. More and more Hollywood movies are starting to be shot with it. Why? Mainly because of it’s relatively low cost, high resolution (4096 by 2304 pixels), and it’s stunning lens. My buddy Jonathan sent me this […]

My new favorite band is the electronic Norwegian duo, Röyksopp. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of them till last week (thanks Jonna). Check out their catchy tunes, and make sure to watch their brand new music video that is making the rounds:

This brand new 2 minute clip shows Microsoft’s take on the year 2019. There’s some pretty fascinating technology coming down the pipe (like the digital wallet) and I can’t wait! via Todd

This video is 4-months old, yet it’s still so superb. After watching it and then recently playing with Dee Dee’s new Canon 5D, I want one really bad. So as of late, I’m finding myself really fascinated by tilt-shift photography. Which is basically a creative way to manipulate life-sized subjects and make them look miniature […]

This video caught me off guard a little. Fortunately, halfway through I got it. It’s a film for Amnesty International called “You Are Powerful”. It was created for the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Pretty genius if you ask me… Agency : Mother | Music : R.E.M – “Until the Day […]