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Who would have thought that billboards, airplane landings and parking garages could look so fantastic? I’m totally diggin Branislav Kropilak’s angles and the way he captures light, it’s awe-inspiring. Below are some of my favorites:

I just stumbled onto the very talented and versatile photographer, Laurent Nivalle. His photography is just amazing. His photos can be unusually gritty and raw, or very polished and stylized depending on the need and setting. I really found his “travel” section quite impressive, with selects from New York and Las Vegas. There is a lot to like in […]

I really love photography and I love architecture. So it’s no wonder why I would be totally diggin Kim Høltermand‘s work. The types of buildings, angles, and lighting he chooses to shoot are all just beautiful. Don’t you think it would be really rad to have some of his images as a desktop wallpaper? You […]

This video is 4-months old, yet it’s still so superb. After watching it and then recently playing with Dee Dee’s new Canon 5D, I want one really bad. So as of late, I’m finding myself really fascinated by tilt-shift photography. Which is basically a creative way to manipulate life-sized subjects and make them look miniature […]

It’s probably pretty evident to you by now that I have a crush on amazing photography. That’s why I would like to share with you someone who I’m really diggin, photographer Zach Schrock. He has a pretty rad photo blog that has a variety of work ranging from 35mm, Medium Format, Digital, Polaroid Instant & Peel-Apart, and […]

One of my favorite photographers, and good buddy, Trever Hoehne just released a fine art website titled Blurry Things. It’s a collection of images that are, well, blurry. I had such a hard time picking my favorite photos to display here, so I suggest you just head over and check out the entire collection for yourself. We hope to […]

I accidently stumbled onto the website of Carlos Serrao and was pleasantly surprised to find such unique and gorgeous photos. I love the coloring on a lot of these and the lighting he captures is pretty incredible to say the least.       

Over at they posted a collection of 120 photographs from this past year. Every shot is pretty incredible and each one contains a little snippet describing the story behind the picture. Below are just a few of the ones that really caught my eye:

Gorgeous landscape photos from Florian Maier-Aichen.

I saw these really cool photos of reflections and thought I would share. They are from a photographer named AmsterS@m. It’s awesome to see how the objects he captures react to the puddles. I’m really diggin the coloring…

Found these 2 cool photos from the designer, Serifcan Ozcan. They remind me to say goodbye to fall, and welcome winter. These next two days its suppose to rain here and I can’t wait. Ideally, I would love to live in Seattle, but Alicia isn’t so fond of the idea of living where is rains […]