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This book is incredible. It’s so clever and looks so gosh darn fun to play with. Each page changes with every turn. It’s basically an advanced pop-up book. Too bad I found it after Christmas. Unbelievably, Amazon has it for less than $14.

…but probably don’t need: Mid Century Shelving Unit– so cool, plus I have a lot of books Bent Plywood Double Feeder– if we get a dog soon, I want this Eagle vs. Shark DVD– funniest movie I watched all year Wooden New York City in a Bag– I’m not too old to want this 12-month calendar– […]

I don’t know what it is about deers and graphic designers but there’s some type of love for each other that neither can deny. That’s probably why I love these laser-cut Deer Trophy Puzzles, which would look awesome on my office wall (*hint *hint).