Twittering Hardcore for a Week




I have decided that along with all my Facebookin I will try taking my Twitter account more serious for at least a week, hey I can’t bore my “37 followers” with random everyother-month tweets right? So thanks to some encouragement from Randall, Pat and Brad I am going to give the life of 140 characters a real spin. I’m thinking that I might really like it because the audience is way different than say the general crowd on Facebook. I’ll make sure to come back and do a recap here next week on my experience.

I’m curious to know what you all think of Twitter say in contrast to Facebook. Can you realistically handle both or do you only have time for one? Or is this just an egotistical-short-lived-fad that is sure to one day fade out like the once very popular Internet site Geocities? You tell me!

Confused? Here are some helpful links:

What is Tweeter?

A Twitter Cartoon To Mock Your Existence (aka twitter is stupid)

One Response to “Twittering Hardcore for a Week”

  1. 1 Jonathan

    I liked the video that was making fun of twitter. So true which I guess guilty of. Yeah let’s see how your week goes.

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