Periodic Table of Typefaces




As a graphic designer you live and breathe fonts all day long. That’s probably why I thought this Periodic Table of Typefaces was such a clever idea, so I wanted to share. As you can see there are a ton of classic and popular typefaces grouped by families and classes of typefaces:  sans-serif, serif, script, blackletter, glyphic, display, grotesque, realist, didone, garalde, geometric, humanist, slab-serif and mixed. You can read more about the process and how it was developed here.

SIDE NOTE: So I’m curious to know what are some of your favorite typefaces at the moment?

Some of my favorite fonts as of late are:






Warnock Pro


Papyrus (yeah right, my most least favorite font in the world)

10 Responses to “Periodic Table of Typefaces”

  1. Dude. I totally saw this last week and thought of you!

  2. 2 Dirk

    Hey thanks! Yea I have like 8 posts that are in draft mode and they are all “old” links. Man I am a slow blogger.

  3. 3 Jonna

    That’s coolio.

  4. I so love your posts…just wish you posted more… but they are all worth the wait!

  5. Umm Papyrus rocks. Every site should have that and/or Curlz. I thought you were a designer?

  6. i just had a graphic-gasm. lovelove this.

  7. This is sooo awesome! I am a Ph.D. scientist turned massage therapist turned designer. The Periodic Table of Typefaces sums up all my loves into one chart.

    How cool is that?
    Some of my fav typefaces?
    -Trebuchet (in a pinch)

    Thanks for this!

  8. I am in love with Calibri. It is so clean and clear and just pours right onto my screen. I never knew other people thought of fonts as fondly as I do.

  9. I’ve just loved Lucida for the longest time. It’s quite versatile. I love mixing the sans with the serif for more traditional/conservative businesses because it can look contemporary without being too far out.

    Some of the new brush scripts are fun but are being overused to the point that people will look back and say “oh, that’s soooooo 2009”

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