7 Responses to “50 Stunning Examples of a Great Redesign”

  1. That is awesome man…I liked your post.

  2. 2 Dirk

    Hey thanks for stopping by Sebastian. Do you have a favorite or least favorite?

  3. Man,
    After the way you talk about those redesigns I think I new a redesign! The Adobe Photoshop redesign is awesome! The previous packaging didn’t give the professional and cutting edge style that the new design offers. Very cool! I didn’t care for the Applebee’s logo before but now I HATE it! It looks like a sorry attempt to create a “Web 2.0” apple and the font is very down home southerny. Not appealing!

  4. I agree with your faves. I thought the Best Buy looked particularly nice… I just wonder if it’s a mistake to pull away from their current branding, simply because it’s SO recognizable. They still have that yellow tag but it’s really minimal.

    I think walmart’s is lame. Please stop pretending you suck.

    I think Cnet’s looks totally lazy. Why bother?

    Toys”R”Us did a good job too. Subtle improvements.

    The BBC’s is epic!

  5. This is an awesome post, and how cool for you to share your thoughts on your blog, you see things that I would have never noticed, that of course is why you are a “designer”.

    Funny how opinions differ, when the new photoshop came out I thought “is this a plain wrap discounted version”? Just a bit plain for my liking. After looking at the full page I find two other redesigns worthy of honorable mention.

    1 – MIndshare is nice, I loved the dimension and color selection (Purple…!)

    2 – The Ford Mustang is awesome, the darker color, along with the muscular structure of the horse has changed along with a subtle modernization of the beast (almost Robo-horse)

    d2 🙂

  6. 6 Kristi

    Have you heard about the repackaging for Tropicana OJ. Apparently since they changed it their sales dropped 20%. So they are changing it back.

    • 7 Dirk

      Hey Krisi, thanks for stopping by. Yea I did read that as well. So crazy!!! I guess people had a hard time find Tropicana Juices on the shelf, because the redesign totally blended them with all the generic brands. So it really seems as if the Arnell Group flopped on this one big time. I heard they don’t do focus groups, if thats true then they are crazy. Seems as a lot of this consumer backlash could have been prevented to some degree.

      You might be interested in this short video from Advertising Age. Its a 3 min clip of Peter Arnell talking about the redesign. I really like the thought put into that cap idea, so i will give them thtat, heh.


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