A Glimpse Into The Future – 2019


This brand new 2 minute clip shows Microsoft’s take on the year 2019. There’s some pretty fascinating technology coming down the pipe (like the digital wallet) and I can’t wait!

via Todd

7 Responses to “A Glimpse Into The Future – 2019”

  1. 1 Jonna

    “I have a cat. Do you have any pets?” In the future, fifth grade singles’ bars will no longer have the language barrier they once had.

    Seriously, the future still just looks like Minority Report.

    So, I’m going to hit ‘submit’ and this data will be instantaneously transported to a server somewhere (probably thousands of mile across the US) and then available for the viewing pleasure of anyone with an internet connection.

    Newsflash: WE ARE IN THE FUTURE!!

  2. Kinda interesting a lot of the stuff they are showing in the video looks like it will take advantage of the OLED technology.

    OLED- Organic Light Emitting Diode (basically a technology that allows you to make paper thin displays—- hence the guys touch screen newspaper)

    These have been in development for a long time by Universal Display Corporation

    Look pretty exciting, just think one day we will be able to change our wallpaper with the touch of a button.


  3. 3 Dirk

    Hey Ryan, I just happen to log on to that recalladams.org website and was wondering if you designed it?

    • lol… took me a second to figure out how you linked that to me… then I remembered the condron design logo. 😛

  4. lol yep that would be my handy work, I’m a member of Atlas PAC. 🙂

  5. 6 Dirk

    Wow man that website you created is pretty creative and I see a lot more potential for it. I like the idea of channel surfing the web, nice work Ryan.

  6. 7 Dirk

    Sorry, I’m thinking about one thing and writing about another. The recalladams site I found through a radio talk show, but my last comment above was in reference to the condron.us site you started or work for or whatever, heh 😉

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