The super talented creative agency BIGSPACESHIP just released a digital museum of custom Flash website preloaders where each preloader reveals another. This collection is truly brilliant and just straight clever. Enjoy PrettyLoaded.


4 Responses to “BIGSPACESHIP – PrettyLoaded”

  1. I love the one for the movie Stranger Than Fiction. That is one of our favorites anyway! The professor played by Dustin Hoffman reminds me of Richie with all of his many cups of coffee 🙂

  2. 2 Dirk

    One thing I LOVED specifically about that movie was the opening credits. They were such a great example of interacting motion graphics with reality.

  3. Oh yeah, serious. Catch Me If You Can had cute ones too (were they considered motion?).

    Also, Picnik has some cute loaders.

  4. 4 Dirk

    Yah, the titles for Catch Me If You Can, were motion. The one thing I really liked about those ones was how they worked the well-thought out type through each part. Very cool.

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