My Top Ten Songs of 2008


2008 is finally over! There were some definite highs and some definite lows this year. Nonetheless, lets just say I’m pretty glad it’s over and I’m ready for the start of many “new” things. As I play catch up on my blog I wanted to compile a list of some of my favorite things from the past year. The first one I decided will be about my favorite music from 2008. Why? Well I felt that it would be cool to one day look back at the music that I liked at this specific point in time in my life. That would mean either I would one day make fun of myself or gloat at the genius I once was. Also, it would be a cool way to share some music with you.

For this post I setup a couple of parameters. 1. It needed to be short 2. It couldn’t contain super popular bands 3. It needed to either have been discovered by me or shared with me within this past year only. After that I was off and running and quickly found about 30 of my favorite songs. Since then I have been narrowing my list down for the past week and half until I finally arrived at my Top Ten (plus 1 bonus song). Click here to download the first ever “ Top Ten Songs of 08”.

#1 – Lykke Li “Breaking It Up”
#2 – Kaskade “4 AM”
#3 – Mint Royale “The Effect On Me”
#4 – The Republic of Tigers “Buildings & Mountains”
#5 – Kings Of Convenience “I’d Rather Dance With You”
#6 – Magnet “Where Happiness Lives”
#7 – Sam Sparro “Black & Gold”
#8 – Bent “Magic Love”
#9 – Coconut Records “Nighttiming”
#10 – MGMT “Electric Feel”
#11 – Sebastien Tellier “Broadway”

*special thanks to my Dad, Jonna, Kenton, and Alena for showing me some of the songs on my list

**UPDATE: Songs are no longer available. If you missed out, contact me and we can talk.

2 Responses to “My Top Ten Songs of 2008”

  1. Look at you making the podcasts 🙂 Anyway, I’m only familiar with the Kings of Convenience song. I’ll give the others a listen. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sweet! Let me know what you think. Disclaimer: The music is a pretty mixed bag- electronic, rock, dance, etc…

    Also if you are a Kings of Convenience fan you should check out the singer’s other band “The Whitest Boy Alive”. Enjoy!

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