The Killers: MTV EMA’s Stage


My friend Andrea showed me this video of The Killers performing at the 08 MTV EMA’s. Their stage was amazing. The integration of technology, the visuals, and the timing are all spot on. Even if you don’t like The Killers this is worth watching.

(Halfway through though, I was reminded of a DJ set by Etienne De Crecy that looked very similar. What do you think?)

3 Responses to “The Killers: MTV EMA’s Stage”

  1. 1 adamohhh

    Dirk! I watched this video a couple weeks ago, and I immediately thought of you! I never remembered to tell you though. And look here, you had it on your blog. funny.

  2. 2 Dirk

    Haha, that’s funny because I thought of you too, heh! It probably would have been so cool to watch it live.

  3. 3 Frank

    Yea it was amazing. I just google’d what the general reception was and I found you guys. lol.

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