Theo Alexopoulos: Preparedness Now


My work didn’t participate 2 months ago in The Great Southern California Shakeout, but I wish they would have. In anticipation of “Big One” that’s supposedly “overdue” here in California, Alicia and I put together an emergency kit with food and supplies, just in case. So below is a piece that promoted that statewide drill. It was developed by up and coming motion graphics designer Theo Alexopoulos. I’m really digging these types of video essays which are using amazing graphic design & animation to convey information in informative and visually stunning ways. 

For high-res click here.

Stay tuned I have a few more video essays to post.

One Response to “Theo Alexopoulos: Preparedness Now”

  1. You’re living in fear!

    PS please come find me buried under the rubble and share your bathtub full of supplies with me when it hits. Thanks in advance.

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