Things I want…


…but probably don’t need:

Mid Century Shelving Unit– so cool, plus I have a lot of books

Bent Plywood Double Feeder– if we get a dog soon, I want this

Eagle vs. Shark DVD– funniest movie I watched all year

Wooden New York City in a Bag– I’m not too old to want this

12-month calendar– based on the design by Massimo Vignelli 

Wood Stapler– would be even cooler if it was in a darker wood

3 Responses to “Things I want…”

  1. Why is you holding out on us sucka?

  2. Yeah Jonna, that’s what I wanted to know. That sucka’ was holdin’ out on me too. Whateva’.

  3. First of all, lame.
    Second of all, this stapler is cooler than your wood stapler:

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