Coldplay– Blitz Post


viva-la-vida just came out with an article highlighting the top digital sales in music for 2008. Surprise surprise, Coldplay’s Viva La Vida was the number one downloaded album!! (Congrats guys, you totally deserve it). This album has far surpassed my exceptions. You see when Coldplay said a few years back that they were going to take a long break and their next album would be pretty different from their previous albums, I was a little skeptical. Because I didn’t want them to change one bit and lose their fans in the process. But I now know why they said that—because they needed to take a break, to learn, to grow and mature in their music. That re-enforces to me the fact that they have the mindset of a band that will be around a long time like a U2, Aerosmith, or Rolling Stones. So ultimately I have been thoroughly impressed by Viva La Vida. And seeing them LIVE in Las Vegas back in August was definitely a top highlight for this year, I would recommend to anyone to go see them in concert. Watching Chris Martin prance around the stage, and the guys give their all to create such an epic sound is well worth it (Alicia and I have been to 4 shows already and we are anxiously awaiting a 5th).

And just in case you haven’t already heard, last week they released Prospekt’s March EP, which I’ll admit at first I had to let it grow on me, but now it’s constantly on repeat mode in my iTunes, so def an A+. These are basically tracks that didn’t make the cut for Viva La Vida.

Lastly, my buddy Trever shared with me a link to download those Jay-Z/Coldplay remixes. It’s such an interesting project to merge these two types of completely different styles. They are literally just taking the raps of Jay-Z and meshing them with the Coldplay songs. I’m sure we are going to be seeing more of these types of mashups in the near future. You can learn more about the remixes and the two guys who created them here.


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