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This book is incredible. It’s so clever and looks so gosh darn fun to play with. Each page changes with every turn. It’s basically an advanced pop-up book. Too bad I found it after Christmas. Unbelievably, Amazon has it for less than $14.

This video caught me off guard a little. Fortunately, halfway through I got it. It’s a film for Amnesty International called “You Are Powerful”. It was created for the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Pretty genius if you ask me… Agency : Mother | Music : R.E.M – “Until the Day […]

Over at they posted a collection of 120 photographs from this past year. Every shot is pretty incredible and each one contains a little snippet describing the story behind the picture. Below are just a few of the ones that really caught my eye:

Gorgeous landscape photos from Florian Maier-Aichen.

This typeface was inspired by the popular font Garamond, and it’s constructed entirely from photos of powerlines. Check out the website here. UPDATE: I found this art peice today, thought it would be a good addition to this post.

My friend Andrea showed me this video of The Killers performing at the 08 MTV EMA’s. Their stage was amazing. The integration of technology, the visuals, and the timing are all spot on. Even if you don’t like The Killers this is worth watching. (Halfway through though, I was reminded of a DJ set by […]

My work didn’t participate 2 months ago in The Great Southern California Shakeout, but I wish they would have. In anticipation of “Big One” that’s supposedly “overdue” here in California, Alicia and I put together an emergency kit with food and supplies, just in case. So below is a piece that promoted that statewide drill. It was developed […]

Minimalist, modernist, grid and typographic lovin Aisle One dropped a new resource The site contains links to articles, tools, books, templates and a bunch of other sweet stuff. Simply put it’s a great resource site on all things grid system related. I have several grid books and I can personally say that this is […]

The big news today is that Coldplay is being sued by Joe Satriani for using some original riffs in the Viva La Vida song. Satriani is seeking some pretty hefty damages by demanding “any and all profits” for the plagiarism. This is not the first time Coldplay has been accused of stealing music, one example […]

I was scanning through some of Kyle Poff’s work on flickr and wanted to share. He has some clever logos and nice packaging. 

…but probably don’t need: Mid Century Shelving Unit– so cool, plus I have a lot of books Bent Plywood Double Feeder– if we get a dog soon, I want this Eagle vs. Shark DVD– funniest movie I watched all year Wooden New York City in a Bag– I’m not too old to want this 12-month calendar– […]

I’m a sucker for good well thought out type, especially when it’s letter pressed or 3D. So it’s no surprise that I would be fond of the work of Craig Ward of Hopefully one day I’ll be able to do some letter pressed stuff. As for 3D I’m slowly trying to learn Maxon Cinema […] just came out with an article highlighting the top digital sales in music for 2008. Surprise surprise, Coldplay’s Viva La Vida was the number one downloaded album!! (Congrats guys, you totally deserve it). This album has far surpassed my exceptions. You see when Coldplay said a few years back that they were going to take […]

I saw these really cool photos of reflections and thought I would share. They are from a photographer named AmsterS@m. It’s awesome to see how the objects he captures react to the puddles. I’m really diggin the coloring…


Pretty much sums it up.