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Hello readers, all 3 of you 😉 I wanted to let you know that I have a different kind of “micro blog” that I post way more frequently too, which you can visit HERE.

Why do you have two blogs now?

Well basically, because I can literally make a blog post via Email in 30 sec or less with a Posterous blog. There is no logging into WordPress, click make new post, etc… So the plan is that I am going to use my Posterous as a micro blog to host my Twitter photos, post cool links, photos and videos. I plan to still come back to this WordPress blog when I want to post something more personal or actually get in depth with a topic.

If you want update your bookmarks and RSS feeds to my Posterous blog:


Who would have thought that billboards, airplane landings and parking garages could look so fantastic? I’m totally diggin Branislav Kropilak’s angles and the way he captures light, it’s awe-inspiring. Below are some of my favorites:






Take the gorgeous RED Camera, mix in some helicopter footage shot during the “golden hour” and an epic professional movie trailer soundtrack and you got one sweet lookin snowboarding video.

Learn more HERE.

I just stumbled onto the very talented and versatile photographer, Laurent Nivalle. His photography is just amazing. His photos can be unusually gritty and raw, or very polished and stylized depending on the need and setting. I really found his “travel” section quite impressive, with selects from New York and Las Vegas. There is a lot to like in his portfolio so enjoy!



C6 vs GTbyCitroen

Las Vegas


Las Vegas



Heard of the RED camera? If not then you are sure to hear more of it in the future. More and more Hollywood movies are starting to be shot with it. Why? Mainly because of it’s relatively low cost, high resolution (4096 by 2304 pixels), and it’s stunning lens. My buddy Jonathan sent me this slow-mo skate video and I thought it was gorgeous. For full high-res HD viewing click here.

Catchy song: It’s Alright



I have decided that along with all my Facebookin I will try taking my Twitter account more serious for at least a week, hey I can’t bore my “37 followers” with random everyother-month tweets right? So thanks to some encouragement from Randall, Pat and Brad I am going to give the life of 140 characters a real spin. I’m thinking that I might really like it because the audience is way different than say the general crowd on Facebook. I’ll make sure to come back and do a recap here next week on my experience.

I’m curious to know what you all think of Twitter say in contrast to Facebook. Can you realistically handle both or do you only have time for one? Or is this just an egotistical-short-lived-fad that is sure to one day fade out like the once very popular Internet site Geocities? You tell me!

Confused? Here are some helpful links:

What is Tweeter?

A Twitter Cartoon To Mock Your Existence (aka twitter is stupid)

I really love photography and I love architecture. So it’s no wonder why I would be totally diggin Kim Høltermand‘s work. The types of buildings, angles, and lighting he chooses to shoot are all just beautiful. Don’t you think it would be really rad to have some of his images as a desktop wallpaper? You can check out more of his work here. And stay tuned, I have more photographer’s that I will be posting soon.









As a graphic designer you live and breathe fonts all day long. That’s probably why I thought this Periodic Table of Typefaces was such a clever idea, so I wanted to share. As you can see there are a ton of classic and popular typefaces grouped by families and classes of typefaces:  sans-serif, serif, script, blackletter, glyphic, display, grotesque, realist, didone, garalde, geometric, humanist, slab-serif and mixed. You can read more about the process and how it was developed here.

SIDE NOTE: So I’m curious to know what are some of your favorite typefaces at the moment?

Some of my favorite fonts as of late are:






Warnock Pro


Papyrus (yeah right, my most least favorite font in the world)

My new favorite band is the electronic Norwegian duo, Röyksopp. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of them till last week (thanks Jonna). Check out their catchy tunes, and make sure to watch their brand new music video that is making the rounds:

This brand new 2 minute clip shows Microsoft’s take on the year 2019. There’s some pretty fascinating technology coming down the pipe (like the digital wallet) and I can’t wait!

via Todd

This video is 4-months old, yet it’s still so superb. After watching it and then recently playing with Dee Dee’s new Canon 5D, I want one really bad.

So as of late, I’m finding myself really fascinated by tilt-shift photography. Which is basically a creative way to manipulate life-sized subjects and make them look miniature in scale. More marvelous examples can be found here.





Just in case you haven’t seen these I wanted to post the 2 funniest videos I have seen all week.

The first one, Cadbury Eyebrows, comes from the very talented ad firm Fallon, who also did the original Cadbury Gorilla.


The second one is David After Dentist: